Zooperball 2 pack




The Zooperball is the ultimate rocket-shaped, long-distance, super bounce, & throw ball that can fly up to 60m. Zooperball features a foam tip so it can bounce off walls or anything else that stands in its way. Throw it then let it bounce and ricochet off walls, smack it back, or even catch it. Use your imagination and create your own games and ways to play with your family and friends!  

·         LONG DISTANCE BOUNCE & THROW BALL: Throw long passes with the pocket-sized lightweight Zooperball and watch it fly over 60 metres 

·         5 IN 1 ACTION PLAY: Whip it! Skip it! Smack it! Ricochet! Pass it! You can whip it by the tail for maximum distance and speed; smack it for unbelievable distance; Pass it like you would a tennis ball and get your game on! 

·         SAFE TO PLAY: The rubber foam tipped head has a tail with fins and a soft foam body for longer throws and safe play; The embedded whistle allows you to hear the Zooperball scream as it zooms towards your target for an extra dimension to the fun

·         ACTIVE OUTDOOR FUN: Great flying toy for the backyard, garden, park, and beach; Play with others; throw and catch for hours of fun with friends and family! It’s light enough to skip even on the water! 

·         Recommended for ages 8 and up 

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