URGE Soccer and Volley Combo




This URGE ball combo is perfect for playing at the park, beach or backyard
·     BRIGHT COLOURS: Vibrant coloured neoprene material with some areas that change colour in water
·     BEACH PLAY: At URGE we believe in all round family fun. Whether you are having fun in the pool, beach or backyard our beach toys will provide endless hours of fun! FEEL THE URGE!
·     PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: Get the entire family together and enjoy loads of beach games with these soft and safe beach toys
·     SOFT, SAFE AND DURABLE: No more hard plastic balls at the beach or pool, URGE's neoprene balls are soft, safe and SUPER fun!
·     COMBO PACK INCLUDES: 1 Soccer Ball (size 5″, green), 1 Volleyball (size 5″, blue), 1 hand pump and needle in Eco-Friendly Packaging

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