StikBot Legendz Series 1




StikBot Legendz is a new original series focusing on the events in the land of ZiNGtannica. The realm and its denizens have enjoyed peace and prosperity as each district maintains an equal influence over each other, but a looming force threatens this balance. Now the realm is in chaos as each district is vies for power over all of ZiNGtannica. Create your new stories with your favorite characters who hold incredible powers: Valor, Ruebell, Dominus and Raza Oni.

  • Valor: From Vangarden District. With a shield as his primary weapon, his determination to protect StikBots gives him the strength of mind and spirit that enables him to face any foe.
  • Ruebell: From Terayno District. Stoic, intelligent, and intuitive, she wields a crystal bow that lets her create glowing crystal arrows with a range of magical effects.
  • Dominus: From Gloomburg District. A cunning master of dark sorcery, Dominus has embraced powers that few StikBot dare approach.
  • Raze Oni: From Kokatsu District. Raze has the power to summon the strength of the Oni. He also wields the soul-stealing great sword that has been in his clan for generations.
  • Go to to learn more about the ZiNGtannica realm.
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  • COLLECTABLE: StikBot Legendz are just one part of the StikBot line; Complete your set with the StikBot Mega Monsters, StikBot Off the Grid Character packs, and the StikBot Action Packs
  • BECOME A MOVIE MAKER: Learn stop motion animation techniques when you download our free StikBot Studio 2.0 App. Use your imagination to create blockbuster films starring StikBot
  • STEAM ACCREDITED: Our StikBot and KlikBot ranges are officially STEAM accredited. That means they’re proven to be great educational toy ranges that can foster creativity and develop critical thinking skills.
  • VISIT YOUTUBE FOR INSPIRATION: Get inspired by super fun content, including fan-made movies and zany StikBot shows on our Youtube channel, StikBot Central. Be sure to share your creations using #Stikbot.

This set is packed in sustainable recyclable cardboard packaging. This helps reduce tons of packaging material waste.

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