First Strike Fisherman




Zing Desktop Sports First Strike Fisherman, Includes 1 Fisherman, 1 Fishing Rod with Magnetic Lure, and 4 Magnetic Fish, Great for Kids Ages 5 and Up 

Hungry for fish? Head to the fishing hole with the First Strike Fisherman. Arrange the fish around the fisherman to get started. Decide how much slack to give your line and how much power to use, then cast your line. Land the magnetic lure near a fish to make it stick. Collect your catch then try to get another. Compete in a fishing competition with friends by seeing who can catch all the fish in the shortest time or with the least amount of attempts. With the First Strike Fisherman, the fish don’t stand a chance. Let’s reel ’em in, it’s fishing season! 

Desktop Sports are a line of games that’ll kick boredom to the curb. The game sets are perfectly portable so you can enjoy a bit of sporting action in the office, a waiting room, or just about anywhere.  Magnetic game pieces snap together adding to the fun. Compete with friends and family in games of skill that will test your accuracy and finesse. Who will rise to the top and become the Desktop Sports champion? 

Key product features

  • GAMING ON THE GO: Desktop Sports game pieces are small enough to take anywhere; Time will fly by when playing while sitting in the office, a waiting room, or traveling 
  • MAGNETIC PIECES: Magnets in the game pieces make sure they stay together during play; No need to get on your hands and knees to look for pieces that have fallen off the table 
  • GAMES OF SKILL: Kids can develop their fine motor skills as they move the pieces; more experienced players can perfect their aiming technique and strategies 
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Set includes 1 Fisherman, 1 Fishing Rod with Magnetic Lure, and 4 Magnetic Fish; Once you’ve mastered your casting technique, compete with friends to see who can catch all the fish the fastest   


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