Z-Curve Bow Pack




Prepare for the ultimate outdoor battle with ZiNG’s Air Hunterz Pro Z-Curve Bow! With four long-range Zonic whistling foam tipped arrows, two suction cup arrows and an awesome range of over 60m, this archery battle set blasts past the competition. The ultra-durable, low-profile power bungee cords are easy to pull back and the power grip is suitable for both right and left-handed people. Quick loading loop and launch technology offers fast reloading, so you’re always ready for battle.

The Air Hunterz Pro Z-Curve Bow is fun for kids and adults. When it’s time for target practice, aim the Zonic Arrows at cans and boxes. Build your own targets for stunt shooting in your backyard or neighbourhood park! Soft foam tips and fins keep the arrows safe. The Air Hunterz Pro Z-Curve Bow is the perfect family toy for summer fun, on holiday, or at home!

Recommended for ages: 14+

Set Includes:

  • 1x Air Hunterz Pro Z-Curve Bow
  • 4x Long-range Zonic Whistle Arrows
  • 2x Suction Cup Arrows
  • 1x Replacement Bungee

More about the Air Hunterz Pro Z-Curve Bow:

  • ULTIMATE EXCITEMENT: With a 60-metre range, the ZiNG Air Hunterz Pro Z-Curve Bow packs all the excitement and performance a kids-sized bow. Detailed graphic decals let you shoot in style!
  • PATENTED LOOP AND LAUNCH TECHNOLOGY: Quickly and easily launch your arrows. Just hook the arrows onto the loops, pull back and release.
  • POWER BUNGEE CORD: Super durable, low-profile power bungee cords are easy to pull back, providing lots of power. Easy to remove and replace. Works for both left-hand and right-hand use. We also sell bungees replacements separately.
  • SOFT AND SAFE WHISTLING ARROWS: The Zonic arrows have a foam tips, allowing them to bounce back after hitting their target. Works only with ZiNG’s soft and safe arrows, so nothing dangerous can be launched. Battles are exciting as well as safe! With the embedded whistle, you’ll hear the Zonic arrows screaming through the air as they zoom towards your target!

This toy is packed in sustainable recyclable cardboard packaging. This helps reduce tons of packaging material waste.

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