Blast Off Pop Rocketz Dual Pack




The air powered rockets with sky high flight!

Prepare for take-off with this pocket sized, take-anywhere, air-powered rocket launcher that blasts foam rockets an amazing 15 metres!
Real rocket launch action that's safe for indoors and out. 

Slide the pop Rocket down onto the launch tube and point in the air and squeeze, the harder you squeeze, the higher the blast! 

Play games: 

  • High Shotz: Go for max- altitude! Get a friend to "sight your flight" from a distance! 
  • Long Shotz: Go head to head with a friend! Who can launch the furthest 
  • Hoop Shotz : Cut out the center of a paper plate, hang it up , and try to make it through! 
  • Target Shotz: Place a target 18 metres away and try to hit it with a long range are shot
  • Blasts 15 metres
  • Suitable for age 5+
  • Set contains 2 launchers and 6 rocketz

Pop Rocketz are packed in sustainable recyclable cardboard packaging. This helps reduce tons of packaging material waste.

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